Korten Pharmaceuticals - Unit I

Injectables Finished Dosage Forms
Korten’s manufacturing facility stands on a colossal area of 60,000 sq.ft of land in Palghar, near Mumbai. We have two dedicated units for injectables finished dosage forms, eye/ear drops, nasal spray and drops. Our WHO cGMP accredited facility ensures high quality products as our result. All manufacturing equipments are complying with cGMP requirements.
Unit I is dedicated for injectables finished dosage forms having a capacity of 10 million ampoules & vials per month.
Salient Features

Dedicated areas for material quarantine and storage. Also for    approved material stores.
Cooling cabinet for API storage
Primary packing material stores
Material dispensing under SS reverse laminar flow
Manufacturing kettle with load cells provided for manufacturing of    batches. In total there are 3 manufacturing kettles in this facility.
Dry heat sterilizer and steam autoclave
2 automatic ampoule washing machine
Sterilization tunnel on ampoule washing machines
2 automatic and 2 semi-automatic ampoule filling line
Terminal sterilizer
2 Brivettee automatic ampoule inspection machines
8 semi-automatic ampoule inspection machines
5 ampoule labeling machines
3 blister packing machines
Secondary packing facility