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Our units are facilitated with technically advanced utilities to support our ultimate goal of quality products.

Purified Water Generation with a capacity of 2000 liters per hour -    with storage and distribution
Multi-column Distillation Unit 800 Lt. - with Storage & Distribution
Pure Steam Generation and Distribution
Diesel Generator – 1250 KVA capacity - 3 Units
Air Handling Units for HVAC system to create required working    conditions
Screw chillers of 300 TR capacities for plant and AHUs
DX Chilling Units, capacity 11TR each
Boiler capacity 2500 Kg raw steam generation
Air Compressors for generation of dry and lubricated compressed air
Packaging and Logistics

Activities pertaining to packaging of finished goods are given prime importance as they are critical for injectable pharmaceutical products. All parameters, like transit, weather and time, are accounted while developing packing materials. At Korten, our approach to quality covers every aspect of packaging, ensuring our products maintain their safety, reliability, stability & integrity long after they have left our production line.
International standards are complied with while developing our packing material and it is ensured that all packing materials adhere to stipulated regulations for their physical attributes, and are composed of non-toxic materials. Secondary packing materials are consistent in high quality printing. Proper labels, that are universally understood, are used at specific locations to ensure identification without mishandling.