Korten Pharmaceuticals - Unit II

Nasal Spray/Drops and Eye/Ear Drops
The nasal solution and eye/ear drops manufacturing facility is a state-of-the art cGMP compliant unit, complete with modular partitions and dedicated HVAC systems. All equipments comply with cGMP requirements. Unit II is situated in Palghar, in the same campus of Korten Pharma Unit I.
Salient Features

Change rooms for male and female workers
Materials are stored as per their storage condition
Mobile as well as fixed racks and Pallets are provided for storage of    materials
Designated area for storing of rejected RM is defined
All incoming materials is inspected visually for correct labeling,    physical condition & sealing
Before using, the material is tested & approved by QC.
Reverse laminar flow stations are in place to provide clean conditions    for sampling of all incoming materials.
For dispensing of the raw materials for manufacturing activity,    Reverse Laminar Flow (RLF) station is provided in dedicated    dispensing room.
The manufacturing facility is provided with GMP model production    equipments for our products and these are located in dedicated    clean rooms.
The manufacturing area consists of washing area which is equipped    with clean in place unit, steam sterilizer, garment washing and drying    machines etc.
Utilities are supplied into the facility through Pendants. Utmost care    is taken with regard to cGMP conditions inside the facility.
Several critical areas of the facility are interlocked for room integrity    and are provided with access control system to avoid and control    unnecessary movement.
Our packing hall is provided with sticker labeling machines. We will    have an online check weighing system also in place as per product    requirement.
Capacity (For unit I and II)
Type Capacity per month
1ml / 2ml / 3ml 10 million
5ml – 20 ml ampoules 1 million
5ml – 10ml bottle / vials 1.25 million
Eye Drops 5 million
Nasal Solution 5 million